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Endpoint Security is an Australian-owned and operated corporate security company formed to solve modern security problems through the provision and practical implementation of world-leading security software solutions. Our mission is to ensure complete peace of mind for all our clients, large or small, in an increasingly volatile world and digital landscape.


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Endpoint Security has sourced solutions from the best global security providers, developing a close partnership with Quantei. As an accredited Quantei Specialist Partner, Endpoint Security is able to always deliver and implement the latest security solutions for your business.

Quantei is a regional Asia-Pacific cybersecurity expert and service provider that specialises in delivering unmatched world-class, outcome-driven cybersecurity services to Small and Medium enterprises. By focussing on serving SMEs across the Australian, New Zealand and wider Asia-Pacific region, Quantei is uniquely positioned at the forefront of local cyber threats, business needs and solution requirements.

By leveraging this close partnership, Endpoint Security is able to extend Quantei’s global alliances with industry-leading technology vendors and threat intelligence providers to deliver complete cybersecurity products and services to businesses across Australia.


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Endpoint Security simply represents a name for our people. Our local team has been handpicked to ensure a wide range of cybersecurity knowledge and implementation experience is available to every customer that reaches out to us. The cybersecurity space is complex and constantly changing so it’s important that security solution providers are agile and adaptive. The team at Endpoint Security are passionate about leveraging our global cybersecurity partnerships to help local businesses and ensure peace of mind through efficient service delivery for every customer.


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Endpoint Security has two convenient offices across Australia, one in Sydney and one in Melbourne. As digital-first experts, we are well equipped to service any business across Australia. Get in touch today to see how we can assess, implement and solve your business’s cybersecurity concerns.